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This space contains information about the BMC Asset Management 8.0.00 release, which is part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.0.00 release and rond201201 release.

What's new


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Featured content

Version 8.0.00 of the BMC Asset Management product features the following enhancements:

  • Release, view, and reserve software licenses and hardware inventory
  • Copy and edit the license sequences defined for a license type
  • Configure multiple options of the license engine
  • New documentation section that provides samples steps for creating BMC licenses in software license management (SWLM)
  • Addition of an advanced Product Qualifier builder
  • New social collaboration options to use tools like Chat, Twitter, and RSS
  • Change in location of certain attributes - from the Configuration Management Database to the Asset Inventory. 

For complete information about what's new or changed, see Version 8.0.00 enhancements. 

Where to start

To understand the end-to-end process for achieving value with, BMC Asset Management, see End-to-end process.

About BMC Asset Management

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