This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the product version menu.

User goals and features

Your role in BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management determines the functions you perform. Often, multiple roles can perform the same tasks. The following table outlines the common goals and features you accomplish with the roles:

RoleGoals and featuresReference
  • Approve or reject requests for the acquisition of new items.
  • Approve or reject proposed standard configurations.

Approving the purchase requisition

Modifying purchase requisitions

Asset administrator
  • Create purchase requisitions.
  • After an item is has been delivered, verify the condition and inform purchasing.
  • Label items after they have been delivered.
  • Keep CIs up to date.
  • Maintain the information of external organizations that supply or support items.
  • Maintain CI relationships. 
    The relationships are part of the service infrastructure that include the relationships between a CI and its suppliers and contracts. The relationships augment and add to the overall service structures that are maintained in the CMDB.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Perform bulk updates.
  • Create maintenance schedules and audit schedules for CIs.

Overview of purchase requisitions

Creating purchase requisitions

Working with CIs

Managing asset inventory

Performing bulk updates

Contract manager
  • Create support, warranty, lease, maintenance, and software contract and license information.
  • Relate the contracts to the applicable CIs.
  • Maintain the contract data.
  • Ensure that customers are renewing or renegotiating their contracts.
Managing contracts
Financial manager Review cost information and prepare periodic charge-back and cost-recovery reports.Managing costs and charge-backs
Purchasing manager
  • Obtain quotes from suppliers for items that have been requested for purchase.
  • Request approval for ordering items after the quotes from suppliers for these items have been collected.
  • Submit purchase orders for items that have been approved for purchase.
  • Update purchase line items after configuration administrators have confirmed the receipt of items for which purchase orders were submitted.
Overview of purchase requisitions
Software asset manager
  • Optimize software assets and manage compliance with software license contracts.
  • Evaluate usage of software licenses to make sure that the organization is not over purchasing licenses. 
Managing software licenses
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