This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the product version menu.

Modifying application preferences

You use the Application Preferences link to modify the default search criteria on the Asset Management console to search for configuration items (CIs). You can also modify your preferences to define:

  • Criteria for information displayed on the Overview Console
  • Tab views on the Asset Management forms

To modify your preferences

  1. From the navigation pane of the Asset Management console, choose Functions > Application Preferences.
  2. Update the form as appropriate. 
    The following table describes the settings available on the form. 

    Application preference settings



    Preferences for

    This is a read-only field that identifies the user.

    Default Home Page

    Select the console that should appear as your home page when you log in to the AR System server. For example, if you want the Asset Management console to appear as your home page, select Asset Management Console.


    Select the default company to be displayed in the Company field. The Company field is located in the More Filters section on the application console


    Not applicable to BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management

    Confirm on Submit

    Not applicable to BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management

    CI Type

    Select the default configuration item (CI) type to be displayed.
    Clear this value to view all CI types.


    Select the default status to be displayed.


    Filter the application table by assignment role by using one of the following options(this filter works in conjunction with the other filters available for the table):

    • Approved By — Displays only the CIs for which the approver is you or your group.
    • Created ByDisplays only the CIs that were created by you or your group.
    • Managed byDisplays only the CIs managed by you or your group.
    • Owned ByDisplays only the CIs owned by you or your group.
    • Supported ByDisplays only the CIs supported by you or your group.
    • Used ByDisplays only the CIs used by you or your group.
    • AllDisplays all CIs in the system.

    Individual/Group Name

    Filter the CIs table based on the group or individual entered in this field.

    Show Related

    Filter the CI Relationships table based on the option selected in this field.

    Region, Site Group, Site, Floor, RoomFilter CIs based on the selected location details.

    Show Contracts

    Select Yes to display the Contracts tab.

    Show Financials

    Select Yes to display the Financials tab.

    Overview Console

    You can choose whether to show CI unavailability and purchase requisitions. You can also select CI unavailability and purchase requisition statuses on the Overview console.

  3. Click Save.

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