This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the product version menu.

Creating a new version of an active configuration

To update some of the items in the configuration, you can create a new version of an active configuration. For example, you might want to upgrade the operating system installed on your workstations, or you might need to replace some 300 MHz computers.


All previous versions of a configuration are retained until the Status is set to Obsolete. You can create only one new version of an active configuration.

To create a new version of an active configuration

  1. On the Asset Management console, from the navigation pane, choose Functions > Manage Configurations.
  2. In the Manage Configurations dialog box, select the active and approved configuration from which you want to create a new version.
  3. Click Create New Version.
    The Configuration Information form appears, and the Version field updates to reflect the new version (version 2).
  4. In the Description field, update the description of the new version.
  5. From the Effective Date calendar, select when you want the new version to become active.
  6. Use the Schedule Name field to generate a schedule for the new version or modify the current schedule.
  7. Add new items or remove items from the Items table, and then click Save.
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