This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Remedy Asset Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

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Business value

BMC Asset Management helps reduce the total cost of ownership of items represented by your CIs and increases return on investment. The BMC Remedy ITSM suite integrates BMC Asset Management with BMC Service Desk (which contains the BMC Incident Management and BMC Problem Management applications), BMC Change Management, and BMC Service Level Management. BMC Asset Management offers the flexibility to support customized business processes.

The BMC Asset Management application integrates both configuration management and costing into a single program that can manage your company's IT assets from planning to retirement.

The BMC Asset Management application enables IT professionals to track and manage enterprise configuration items (CIs)-and their changing relationships-throughout the entire asset lifecycle. BMC Asset Management tracks contracts, financial costs, software licenses, outage indicators, and more for the CI information stored within the BMC Atrium CMDB application.

Financial information, such as costs, maintenance and leasing information, depreciation schedules, and contracts, can be managed through BMC Asset Management to help you allocate scarce resources rationally. It also helps to provide audit trails. This information can help companies to reduce the overall cost of providing IT services.

As part of the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite, BMC Asset Management is integrated with BMC Service Desk, BMC Change Management, and BMC Service Level Management, and offers flexibility to support customized business processes.

BMC Asset Management provides the following capabilities to help reduce the total cost of ownership of your CIs and increase return on investment:

Software license management

Reduces software license overspending and non-compliance through greater accuracy in discovering, tracking, and reallocating software licenses. By automatically linking discovered software configuration items to software license certificates, BMC Asset Management can report on license compliance and help facilitate license reallocation.

Contract management

Tracks the status, type, terms, conditions, payments, and other information about lease, software, warranty, and maintenance contracts

Blackout schedules

Lists available or unavailable times for CIs

Inventory management

Specifies, tracks, and manages individual CIs and bulk items

If your environment has BMC Service Desk or BMC Change Management installed, you do not need a BMC Asset Management license to create CIs or to manage CIs (bulk and non-bulk). To modify CI information, you need a BMC Remedy Action Request System fixed or floating license; in addition, your user ID needs either Asset Admin or Asset User permissions. If no BMC Remedy Asset Management license is available, an application administrator can give the Asset Admin or Asset User permission by selecting a license type of "None."

If your environment has BMC Asset Management installed, you have access to additional CI management capabilities, as well as the other capabilities listed in this section.

Configuration management

Defines standard configurations, or setups, for different people or groups within a company, and maintains the status of the CIs within the configurations

Lifecycle IT CI management

Uses best practices workflow to handle all phases of the IT CI management life cycle from requisition, purchase, and receipt, to installation and deployment

Cost module

Consolidates CI costs from procurement to disposition, and allocates and tracks costs to cost centers

Requisition management

Creates purchase requisitions, manages the approvals of the requisitions, initiates the creation of purchase orders, and manages the receipt of items from suppliers and the creation of the associated CIs

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