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Understanding precedence in a merged dataset

BMC_ComputerSystem is provided by both BMC BladeLogic Client Automation and BMC Atrium Discovery; neither is configured out-of-the-box as a preferred provider, because they typically discover different computer systems. Provider preference is defined in BMC Atrium CMDB. 

When you reconcile the discovered data to the production dataset, merge precedence is applied to the instances discovered and imported by both discovery products. Using the standard or custom precedence rules, you set a precedence value for each dataset that participates in the merge, including the target, and then create individual values for any classes or attributes in those datasets that should be higher or lower. These precedence values determine which dataset, including the target if needed, supplies the data that is written to the target dataset for each class and attribute.

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Best Practice

If you use both, BMC BladeLogic Client Automation and the other BMC or third-party discovery providers, we recommend that you import and reconcile the preferred classes only from BMC BladeLogic Client Automation to BMC Atrium CMDB.
If you do use multiple discovery providers for the preferred classes, the attribute values must be populated identically. For a list of the key attributes and how they are populated, see the Key attributes populated for identifying configuration items section in the BMC BladeLogic Client Automation Configuration Discovery Integration for CMDB Getting Started Guide

You can use other discovery providers to discover CIs that are not preferred classes and reconcile them according to the class and attribute merge precedence. BMC Atrium Discovery uses the default precedence values defined by BMC Atrium CMDB; however, you can change the precedence rules in BMC Atrium CMDB. 

For more information on precedence, see Understanding the merge activity.

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