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This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Asset Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring the reconciliation engine

The Remedy Asset Management application uses the Reconciliation Engine to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Reconcile the sandbox dataset, if you configured one, against the production dataset, as described in BMC Asset Management settings.
  • Delete CIs that you selected to be deleted, as described in Deleting CIs.
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Reconciling data

If you have Atrium Core installed, you can configure the Reconciliation Engine options from the BMC Atrium Core Console. To access this option, from the Application menu, choose Atrium Core > Atrium Core Console.


You must be a BMC Remedy AR System or BMC Atrium administrator, or have Config Categorization Admin permissions to access this option.

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