This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Asset Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing the details of a license job

The Processor Information dialog box provides details about the CIs and their processors and the Application Administration console displays details of the license type rule.

The Job Run Details form that provides a single screen that provides most of the information related to the job. After you create a license job and run it, the Job Run Details form provides details of:

  • the certificate
  • connected CIs and their processor information
  • license type rules that will be run and
  • entitlements for the license job.

To view the details of a running license job

  1. From the Applications menu, choose Asset Management > SAM Console.
  2. From the Functions menu, choose Job Run Details.
  3. In the Certificate Search Criteria section, enter the information that is required to search for certificates.

  4. Click Show Certificates.

  5. Select a certificate from the search results.

    The Job Run Details page displays the following sections:

    Section nameDetails
    Certificate Details

    Provides a list of the certificates based on the search criteria entered. Click the appropriate option to view related details:

    View Compliance Details — to view the compliance information for the certificate. 

    View Connection Details — to view the connection information for the certificate.  

    Show Related Products — to view a list of the products associated with the selected certificate.

    CIs Connected and Processor Details

    Based on the certificate selected from the Certificate Details list, displays a list of CIs connected to the certificate.

    When you click Show Processor Details, it displays the details of the processor related to the CI, if applicable. Processor details are displayed only for Per CPU Constant Based, Per CPU Multiplier Based, Per Core Constant Based, and Per Core Multiplier Based license types.

    If the connected CI is a virtual CI (that is, the Virtual flag on AST:ComputerSystem = Yes), the process information of the parent system is also displayed.

    Rule Details

    Displays the compliance and connection rules defined for the license type of the selected certificate.

    Compliance Rule Details tab — lists the compliance actions

    Connection Rule Details tab — displays details of the compliance questions and their mapping

    EntitlementsDisplays relationship types and descriptions for entitlements defined for the selected certificate.
    For more details on license entitlements, see Relating licenses to users and devices.
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