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No CIs are related to a software license certificate

The following table lists possible causes why no CIs are related to a software license certificate and the diagnostic method to determine the cause:

Troubleshooting why no CIs are related to a software license certificate

Possible cause

Diagnostic method

Categorization specified on the license certificate does not match categorization of discovered CIs.

View the license certificate, as described in Reviewing a software license certificate. If categorization fields are completed, open a CI to see whether the categorization matches.

To fix this issue, change the categorization on the certificate either to match the CI, or to be blank.

Connection questions are not answered correctly. Connection questions must be answered correctly to connect the CI to the certificate.

View the license certificate and check the answers to connection questions.

No job has been run to connect the CIs to the certificate.

Open the Manage License Jobs console, as described in Manually managing CIs attached to a license certificate, and check the history. View the jobs to determine whether any apply to the license type.

The license type is not correctly configured. When creating a license type, an administrator specifies how the connection question answers map to CIs in BMC Atrium CMDB. An error can result in no CIs being related to the certificate.

An administrator can examine the license type, and also check the connection question as described in What are connection questions? To check for issues with rules, open the AST:ConfigRuleSet form. This is an intermediate form between the Configure License Type wizard and the License Engine.

The License Engine did not complete its run.

Check the following forms:

  • RLE:RunHistory — Provides information about each License Engine run, including status (Pending, Running, Aborted, Completed, Completed with Warning, Completed with Errors)
  • RLE:EngineExceptions — Lists Java exceptions, RLE exceptions, and the ruleset ID
  • SWLMFilter.log — This log file is typically located in the C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/ARServer/Db/SWLMFilter.log directory of the server. If you turn on logging, this log file provides details of the License Engine job run. Logging is configured from the Application Administration console, as described Configuring the license engine.

The Company attribute (or another attribute used to connect the CI to the license certificate) is not set on the CIs.

Search for and open the appropriate CI, as described in Using search. The Company and Manufacturer attributes are always used to connect a CI to a license certificate.

Whether other attributes are required for a connection depends on the license type. For example, for a site license, the Site attribute must be specified on the computer system on which the product is installed.

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