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This space contains information about the 12.1.00 release of the APPTUNE for DB2 product.


APPTUNE for DB2 is an application performance and resource analysis product that is used to gather and display data from a single SQL statement or a set of SQL statements. The gathered data provides valuable information about performance and resource use of DB2 applications. To facilitate the tuning of SQL statements, APPTUNE includes an integrated, robust Explain function that dynamically Explains SQL statements, then interprets and summarizes the results in an easy-to-read and understandable format.
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APPTUNE for DB2 User Guide


An explanation of how to use the APPTUNE for DB2 product to gather, display, and explain data from SQL statements

SQL Performance for DB2 User Guide


An explanation of how to use the features and components of the SQL Performance for DB2 solution to fine tune and correct performance in DB2 applications

System and SQL Performance for DB2 Administrator Guide


A description of the products' administrative functions

Common infrastructure documentation


Information about managing and deploying global infrastructure components that certain mainframe BMC products use



Information about installing and maintaining the product



Customization tasks that you need to perform after you install and configure the BMC products and solutions for DB2



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Support information


Supported versions and how to contact Support

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