This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

WSDL limitations for consumption

Most WSDL files are accepted during consumption, but some files can cause problems:

  • SOAP-encoded arrays and SOAP-encoded structures are not supported. This means that RPC-encoded and document-encoded web services with complex input or output parameters do not work. For example, Amazon Web Services API and Google Web Services API fall into this category.
  • All operations should be of one kind — that is, all RPC-encoded or all doc/literal.
  • Only SOAP operations are considered. MIME and HTTP operations are ignored.
  • Overloaded operations are not allowed.
  • Both input and output should be present; one-way messaging is not allowed.
  • A WSDL file cannot have both a <wsdl:include> and a <wsdl:types> element.


    As a workaround, use <xsd:include> inside <wsdl:types>. There is no restriction on the number of <xsd:include> elements that you can use.

  • A WSDL file cannot have more than one <wsdl:include> element.
  • BMC Remedy AR System supports Message Parts that point to XML Elements or XML Simple Types only.
  • If a <wsdl:message> element has more than one Message Part, only the first Message Part is considered.
  • Header in response (output mapping) is not supported.
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