This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Web report limitations

  • Web reports do not support output directly to .arx, .csv, or Remedy AR System XML format. To generate output directly to these formats, you must use a Remedy AR System report.


    To generate .csv output based on a Web report, save the report to Microsoft Excel format. Then open the report output in your spreadsheet application, remove the rows at the top and bottom of the report that do not contain field data, and then save it in .csv format.

  • Web reports do not support diary fields, attachments fields, or attachment pools. Web reports do not support currency value or currency type, but do support currency fields.
  • If you edit a web report, the Assignee Groups field on a Report form is overwritten. 
  • You must perform the following steps to print Web reports in HTML format.
    1. Run a web report from the Report Console.
    2. In the report viewer, click Print Report.
    3. In the Print dialog box, click Cancel. You see the complete report in HTML format.
    4. Press Ctrl+A to select the complete HTML report. You can alternatively select specific pages that you want to print.
    5. Copy and paste the selected report.


      When you print the report in PDF format, some of the columns might truncate. So, you must reduce the number of columns in the report to fit the screen size.

  • When you download a report in Microsoft Office format and you open the hyperlink for the Request ID field, the related record opens. If you want to run the report again, you must log in to the Mid Tier.

  • If a Mid Tier web report contains a field to which the current user has no permission, a garbage value, a wrong float number, or a null string is displayed in some fields.
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