This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Viewing a subset of entry points

For deployable applications, you can display a subset of applications and entry points to users by creating workflow that uses a reserved field ID.


In the default Home Page form installed with BMC Remedy AR System, there is a hidden reserved field named AppSubset (field ID 1576). You only need to add the necessary workflow to use it.

You might want to hide the reserved field on most form views. If you set its field values with the Window Loaded execute condition, the Application List field is populated automatically with the subset of entry points when the window becomes loaded.

The following procedure adds a special character field (the reserved field used to configure the list of entry points) and a button to a form. It then uses Run Process workflow to dynamically display a subset of servers and applications.

To test this functionality, create multiple applications and entry points, or use multiple BMC Remedy AR System servers.


If you use multiple servers on the web, add servers using the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool. See Specifying a server for the mid tier.

To create sample workflow to view a subset of entry points

  1. Add a character field to your home page and name it AppSubSet.
  2. In the Properties tab, enter 1576 as the value for the ID property.
    This value creates a special reserved field ID. If this field contains a value, only the entry points for these applications and servers are displayed. Most likely, you will want to set this value dynamically through workflow.
  3. Add a button field to your form and name it Show All Entry Points.
  4. Save your changes to the form.
  5. Create an active link with the following conditions:
    • Associated Forms panel: Add your home page form.
    • Execute Options panel: Enter Show All Entry Points in the Button/Menu field.
  6. Create a Run Process If action with the following Run Process syntax:
  7. Save your active link.
  8. Display your home page form.
    All the entry points in the Application List field are displayed. But when you enter a value into the Configuration Field and click the Show All Entry Points button, you see a subset of entry points.
    For this example, two servers were used (polycarp and mirepoix). The Application List field on this sample home page contains a list of all the entry points this user can see that are available on these two servers.

    Complete list of entry points
  9. Enter the following syntax into the AppSubSet field to display a subset of servers and applications. Separate applications and servers by commas.
    <serverName>.<applicationName>, <serverName>.<applicationName>
    Enter a backslash () escape sequence in the syntax if the application name uses a comma or period. For example, if the application is named Help.Desk on server polycarp, the escape sequence is as follows:
    Enter serverName to display all the entry points and applications that the user has permissions to access on serverName. Or, enter serverName. applicationName to display a subset of applications on a specific server.
    For example, if you entered the following text and clicked Show All Entry Points:
    polycarp.MusicManager Application
    The Application List field is redisplayed with only the entry points from the MusicManager application on the server polycarp.

    Subset of entry points
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