This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using the Process tab on AP-Administration

For a deeper understanding of how the approval processes are defined in the Approval Server, you can open the AP:Administration form and view them from the Process tab. To access the AP:Administration form, you must be an approval server process administrator or an AR System administrator.

Viewing approval processes in the Approval Server (advanced information)

To create and manage processes, use the Process tab on the AP:Administration form. When you select the Process tab, a table field appears. To populate the table with all existing processes, click Refresh. You can sort this list on any column, including the process name, the linked approval request form, the process type, the process status (active or inactive), or the process ID. If you installed the sample applications, all the sample application processes appear on this list.

For example, the following figure highlights the change management and asset management processes that are provided out-of-the-box.

The buttons on the Process tab take the following actions:

  • View — Opens the AP:Process Definition form for the selected rule in Modify mode. You must select a process from the list to use this button. Use this option to view and modify existing processes.
  • Search — Opens a blank AP:Process Definition form in Search mode. Use this option to search for a process using a field that does not appear in the processes list.
  • Create — Opens the AP:Process Definition form in New mode. Use this option to create a new process.
  • Delete — Deletes the selected process. You must select a process from the list to use this button.
  • Refresh — Refreshes the current list of processes. Use this button to refresh the list, for example, after adding a new process.


  • Avoid modifying processes, rules, and roles directly in the AP:Administration form, until you have exhausted all the configuring options in the ITSM Foundation forms.
  • You can access the AP:Administration form by clicking Applications > Quick Links > Approval Administration Console.
  • You can create additional approval process configuration records and adapt them to your business process instead of creating new ones from scratch. But if necessary, you can create new processes and rules. For detailed information about defining additional approval processes and rules in the Remedy Approval Server, see Creating new approval requests.
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