This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Using the Java plug-in server for dynamic plug-in loading

Dynamic plug-in loading is adding or loading a new plug-in definition in the plug-in server without stopping and restarting the AR System server.

To enable dynamic plug-in loading, you must specify a reload delay before starting the plug-in server (use the Reload Delay configuration option in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form). For more information on AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form, see Setting plugin server configuration options.

When a delay is specified, the system automatically loads plug-ins and initiates them for all worker threads after the delay period without requiring a plug-in server restart. During the delay period, you can modify the new plug-in configuration if necessary. (If you modify it after the delay, you must restart the plug-in server to make your changes take effect.) For information about restarting the plug-in server, see Restarting the plug-in server using the Set Server Info command

The following example provides the steps to configure the Atrium SSO plug-in using only the Java plug-in server.

To configure the Atrium SSO plug-in using only the Java plug-in server

  1. Make the following changes in the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form:
    Comment out the Plugin: areaatriumsso.dll entry (if it exists) and also comment out all the native area plug-in related entries.
  2. Make the following changes in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form:
    1. Delete the ARSYS.AREA.ATRIUMSSO plug-in.

    2. Create a new plug-in with the following details:

      Field nameField value
      Plugin Name
      Plugin Class name
      Path Elements  
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/arssoplugin91_build001.jar 
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/atsso-sdk.jar 
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/atsso-common.jar 
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/bcprov-jdk15-145.jar 
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/stax-1.2.0.jar 
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/stax-api-1.0.1.jar 
      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/json.jar

For more information on creating, modifying, and deleting plug-ins and their configurations, see Working with Java plug-ins and Configuring java plug-in servers

For more information on updating the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form, see Updating configuration settings by using the AR System Configuration Generic UI form


For more information about Atrium SSO integration, see Configuring BMC Atrium SSO integration  in BMC Atrium Single Sign-On 9.0 documentation.

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