This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using the driver program from the command line

After compiling the source code or locating the prebuilt program supplied with the API, you are ready to use the driver program . When you execute the program, the system displays the following list of driver commands:

Active Link    Escalation      Filter        Entry           Entry
 -----------   ----------      ------        -----           -----
 get    (gal)  get    (ges)    get    (gf)   get      (ge)   stats     (stat)
 set    (sal)  set    (ses)    set    (sf)   set      (se)   get BLOB  (geb)
 create (cal)  create (ces)    create (cf)   create   (ce)   getmult   (gme)
 delete (dal)  delete (des)    delete (df)   merge    {me)   getlistblk(gleb)
 getlist(glal) getlist(gles)   getlist(glf)  delete   (de)   getlistw/f(glewf)
 getmult(gmal) getmult(gmes)   getmult(gmf)  getlist  (gle)  getonew/f (goewf)
               run    (resc)                 service  (sve)  gle w/msf (glmsf)
                                             setget   (sge)

 Char Menu     Schema          License       VUI             Encode/Decode
 ---------     ------          -------       ---             -------------
 get    (gc)   get    (gs)     val    (vl)   get     (gv)    enc query(ecqal)
 set    (sc)   set    (ss)     valmult(vml)  set     (sv)    dec query(dcqal)
 create (cc)   create (cs)     create (cl)   create  (cv)    enc assig(ecasn)
 delete (dc)   delete (ds)     delete (dl)   delete  (dv)    dec assig(dcasn)
 getlist(glc)  getlist(gls)    getlist(gll)  getlist (glsv)  enc hstry(echst)
 getmult(gmc)  gls w/a(glsa)   import (iml)  getmult (gmv)   enc diary(ecdia)
 expand (ec)   getmult(gms)    export (exl)                  enc date (ecdat)
 exp ssm(essm) getlist ext(glxsc)                            dec date (dcdat)

 Container     Alert           Info          Control/Logging Thread/Timer
 ---------     -----           ----          --------------- ------------
 get    (gco)  create   (cae)  get svr (gsi) record   (rec)  launch      (lt)
 set    (sco)  register (rfa)  set svr (ssi) stop rec (srec) launch wait (lwt)
 create (cco)  deregistr(dfa)  get stat(gss) open out (oout) release wait(rwt)
 delete (dco)  gla user (glau) srvr chr(gscs)close out(cout) sleep       (st)
 getlist(glco) get count(gac)  clnt chr(gccs)execute  (ex)   random sleep(rst)
 getmult(gmco) decode   (dcam)               bgn loop (bl)   msec sleep  (msst)
                                             end loop (el)

 Schema Field   Init/Term      Misc Lists    Misc            Misc
 ------------  ------------    ----------    ----            ----
 get     (gsf)  init    (init) server(svr)   ver user (ver)  get file   (gfl)
 set     (ssf)  term    (term) group (glg)   export   (exp/f)set file   (sfl)
 create  (csf)  help    (h, ?) user  (glu)   import   (imp)  get errmsg (gem)
 delete  (dsf)  exit    (e, q) sql   (glsql) unimport (unimp)set logging(slog)
 getlist (glsf) login   (log)  sql al(sqlal) exec proc(proc) close conn (cnc)
 getmult (gmsf) dr ver  (drver)role  (glr)   exec p al(epal) valid cache(vfc)
 setmult (smsf) getconf (gsc)                load qual(lqs)  signal     (sig)
 crtmult (cmsf) setconf (ssc)                set port (ssp)  getmult ep (gmep)
 delmult (dmsf)                              obj chgs (goct) imper user (imusr)
 getmult ext cands(gmxfc)                    get cache event (gce)
 set w/file image (ssfwi)                    create overlay (co)
 create w/file image (csfwi)                 create overlay from obj (cofo)

XML     Transaction             Image        Workflow Debug Commands
---     -----------             -----        -----------------------
get    (xmlge) bgnclnt (bcmt) get     (gi)   cur loc  (dbcl) get KW   (dbkw)
set    (xmlse) endclnt (ecmt) set     (si)   execute  (dbex) user ctxt(dbuc)
create (xmlce) setclnt (scmt) create  (ci)   get FVL  (dbgf) set bkp  (dbbp)
service(xmlsv) relclnt (rcmt) delete  (di)   set FVL  (dbsf) bp clr   (dbbc)
parse  (xmlpd) bgnentry(bbet) getlist (gli)  get qual (dbgq) bp lst   (dbbl)
               endentry(ebet) getmult (gmi)  set qual (dbsq) clr all  (dbbx)
                                             get mode (dbgm) term API (dbta)
                                             set mode (dbsm)

 Localized Val  Currency Ratio   App States
 -------------  --------------   ----------
 get    (glv)   get    (gcr)     get    (gas)
 getmult(gmlv)  getmult(gmcrs)   set    (sas)


Use the help command (h or ? ) to display the driver commands.

As in all API programs, you must provide the necessary login information and perform initialization operations for connecting to the BMC Remedy AR System server. You can then use the commands to call any number of API functions.

When you are finished, you must terminate your interaction with the BMC Remedy AR System server and exit the driver program. The following figure illustrates these high-level steps by using sample driver commands.

Order of driver commands

  • init
  • log
  • ssp
  • ver

Unlike calling the API functions directly, the driver interface prompts you for each input parameter. You can also specify driver logon information by using one of the following methods:

  • Use the following command-line options:

-u   user
-p   password
-l   language
-s   server

For example:

driver -u Demo -p "fun4me" -s fred
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