This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using the alert list in a browser

Browser users can view the alert list by opening a form that contains an alert list field, such as the Alert List form or any form that you create, as long as it contains an alert list field.

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To create and publish a web-based alert list

  1. Create a regular form on one server in your BMC Remedy AR System installation where the mid tier is also installed.
  2. Add an alert list field to the form.
  3. Make this form accessible in a browser through a URL.

To enable a preference server for the Web

  1. Make sure that one server in your BMC Remedy AR System installation is defined as a preference server.
    For more information about preferences, see Setting user preferences.
  2. Under General Settings in the Mid Tier Configuration Tool, enter the name of the preference server used by alert system users.

To configure user preference values for alerts on the Web

  1. Open the AR System User Preference form in a browser.
  2. For each user, set the following preferences.
    These preferences are available on the Web view or on the Web tab of the Default Administrator view of this form. See Preference forms for centralized preferences.
    1. In the Alert Servers field, enter the name of each server (separated by commas) from which users receive alerts.
      Alerts from these servers are visible in the Web-based alert list. Users do not need to be logged in to these servers to receive alerts or to display the originating request.
    2. In the Refresh Interval field, enter the number of minutes between each automatic refresh of the alert list.
      A setting of 0 indicates no refresh interval.
      Each server specified under Alert Servers is queried for new alerts, and these alerts are displayed in the Web-based alert list.
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