This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Using print.C routines

One of the most helpful components of the driver program is the set of print routines located in the print.C file. These routines enable you to print the contents of any data structure in the API. The routines provide code examples for accessing the various structure members. Printing the contents of a structure before and after an API call is a useful debugging tool.


See the function definitions in print.C to determine the specific parameters and their types for these routines.

The following examples illustrate the use of these routines.

Code fragment that calls three print.C functions

	PrintReal("header", &value);
	PrintAREntryIdList("header", "header2", &value);

Code fragment that shows the output after BMC Remedy AR System executes the command print_entry fred EX000003 (where the server name is fred and the entry ID is EX000003)

numItems = 9
1	=	(char) EX000003
2	=	(char) snoopy
3	=	(timestamp) 11/22/94
4	=	(char) snoopy
5	=	(char) Demo
6	=	(timestamp) 11/23/94
7	=	(selection) 2
8	=	(char) TESTING
15(S.H.) 5 stat hist items
	0 - 1/18/95Demo
	1 - 1/19/95Demo
	2 -
	3 -
	4 - 1/26/95Demo

The print.h file contains a complete list of these routines. Some of the more commonly used routines are:

  • PrintAREntryIdList
  • PrintAREntryListFieldList
  • PrintAREntryListFieldStruct
  • PrintAREntryListList
  • PrintAREntryListStruct
  • PrintARFieldValueList
  • PrintARInternalIdList
  • PrintARNameList
  • PrintARPermissionList
  • PrintARQualifierStruct
  • PrintARStatusHistoryList
  • PrintARStatusList
  • PrintARStatusStruct
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