This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Using offset hours in Business Time 2.0


The Offset field on the Business Time Segment form remains for backward compatibility. The use of this field is not recommended. Use time zones (see Using time zones) instead of offsets in cases where offsets were used to compensate for time-zone differences. In cases where offsets were used to specify time segments that span midnight, use multiple time segments--one from Start Time to midnight and the other from midnight to End Time.

The Business Time Segment form includes an Offset field, which is used under certain circumstances to adjust for the time-zone differences between the client and the server. All Business Time 2.0 commands are executed on the server, and they take in and return timestamp values.

The AR System server converts date/time strings to a timestamp value. When the client and server are on different time zones, if the conversion of the date and time to a timestamp happens on the client (such as with active links), the offset should be set to the time zone difference between the server and the client. If the conversion happens on the server, no offset is required.

For cases where the time segment spans across midnight (as specified in Defining business hours using offset hours for old Business Time commands), do not use offsets.

Because "One Time" time segments can span multiple days, these time segments can span midnight. "Recurring" time segments cannot span midnight; therefore, you should create multiple time segments--one that goes to midnight one day, and another that starts from midnight to the next day.

The first Level 1 offset is considered and applied to all the time segments in the application commands. Offset fields for non-Level 1 time segments are disabled.

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