This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Using a filter guide to loop through a table field

Filter guides are useful for creating filter workflow that steps through the rows in a server-side table field. A server-side table field is a field in a supporting form that allows you to manipulate data on the server and then return the result to the client, rather working with the data directly in the client. This approach improves performance by reducing the amount of network traffic between the client and the server.

The filter guide workflow goes through every row in the table and then performs selected filter actions on particular rows or sets of qualifying rows. These qualifications can be built with reference to table column values.

Because filters run on the server, you cannot use server-side table fields to highlight rows for display. You cannot select rows on server-side table fields, like you can on the client side. The user whose search initiates the server-side table loop must have at least hidden permissions to the table field.


For best performance, combine all operations on a server-side table field into a single filter guide. This avoids retrieving the data from the server more than once.

This table looping functionality works only inside the filter guide. Filters function on only one BMC Remedy AR System server. If a server-side table field points to a form on a remote server, the filter guide does not work.

You can also perform calculations on the columns of the server-side table field, using the COLAVG, COLCOUNT, COLMAX, COLMIN, and COLSUM functions inside a filter guide. Use these functions just as you do with active link guides.

For more information about table fields and functions, see the Table fields and Functions.

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