This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option

This section describes procedures to troubleshoot the following BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option issues.

Errors encountered by Distributed Server Option

Perform the following steps to investigate errors in Distributed Server Option (DSO):

  1. Identify unique errors.
  2. Enable logs to capture more information on the errors.
  3. Analyze DSO, Filter, API, and SQL logs.
  4. Analyze logs, characterize issues, and identify errors and steps to correct the error.

Enabling logs to capture more information on errors

For getting detailed information, enable the following logs on both the source and destination AR System servers:

  • DSO
  • Filter
  • API
  • SQL

Ensure the following actions:

  • Set the log level to Info for the DSO logs.
  • The API log and SQL log must write to the same log name and location.
  • You must leave the logs enabled till the problem has been reproduced to capture the behavior of the issue.

Locating errors in DSO operations

Use the following tips to locate error messages for DSO operations:

  • Search the DSO log for *ERROR* to identify issues. For each unique error, identify a test case to analyze from the logs.
  • In the Filter, API, and SQL logs, grep the lines with <USER:Distributed Server> to a separate file to identify operations initiated by Distributed Server.
  • Search for ARERR in the API log, or **** in the Filter log to find error messages.
  • Identify the value of RPC ID on the line with the error, for example: <RPC ID: 0000012345> and grep the lines with the string <RPC ID: 0000012345> from the API, SQL, and Filter logs to separate files. These files provide the flow of operations for a single operation and failure.

BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option files

This topic provides a list of BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option (DSO) files that are available after a fresh or upgrade installation.

The files are available in the AR_INSTALL_DIR\DSOJ directory after a successful installation. Verify that the required files are installed in the directory if your installation fails.

DSO files available after a fresh installation

  • ardsojversionNumber_buildNumber.jar (for example, ardsoj81_build001.jar)
  • arcmnappversionNumber_buildNumber.jar (for example, arcmnapp81_build001.jar)
  • dsojstartup.bat

DSO files available after an upgrade installation


When you upgrade BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option, the files from fresh installation are also available along with the following files.

  • Serverds.exe
  • arapiversionNumber_buildNumber.dll (for example, arapi81_build001.dll)
  • arutilversionNumber_buildNumber.dll (for example, arutil81_build001.dll)

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