This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Thread log

The thread log traces the history of when threads start, as well as how many times a thread has failed and been restarted by Thread Manager. By default, the log file is named arthread.log.

Each transaction begins with the <THRD> prefix, followed by a time stamp. Following the time stamp is detailed information about the started thread.

The format for the thread log file is as follows:

<THRD> /* <ddd mmm dd yyyy hh:mm:ss:nnnn> */ Thread Id <threadID> (thread number <threadNumber>) on <queueType> <tStatus>. 

The following table explains the possible values for the entries in a thread log file.

Possible values for thread log file entries


Possible value


Identifier of the server running thread (fixed-size, 10-digit number)


A sequential number assigned to the thread. This number helps recognize the thread from Windows Performance Monitor


The queue this thread lives on (for example, admin, alert, fast, list, escalation, or private)


A value of "started," "died," or "restarted"


The following are sample thread log entries:

<THRD> <0000000031> /* Thu Jan 05 2017 01:42:29.7800*/ Group/User Change Received: tid=31  lastGroupChangeTime=Thu Jan 05 01:25:09 EST 2017, Add request to Admin Queue

<THRD> <0000000662> /* Thu Jan 05 2017 01:42:34.8120 */ GroupChangeRecache: tid=662 delayRecacheTime=lastGroupChangeTime=Thu Jan 05 01:25:09 EST 2017, Add request to Admin thread

<THRD> <0000000023> /* Thu Jan 05 2017 01:42:56.3070 */ Group/User Change Received: tid=23 lastGroupChangeTime=Thu Jan 05 01:42:34 EST 2017, Add request to Admin Queue
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  1. Misi Mladoniczky


    In the sample log the thread_id does not have 10 digits as described above.

    The thread number seems to be the count for the specific queue type. If you have 10 LIST threads you will see numbers 1-10 on the List queue.

    What is the 000000000097 in the thread log?

    When trying to correlate thread numbers in the arthread.log with the TID: shown in other logs I am confused. There seems to be some kind of 2-digit prefix going on for the TID:, and sometimes it is not possible to match the TID: to the thread log at all...

    It seems that for the Fast threads, new threads are created for every RPC-call. Could you please explain or point to an explanation how this works. How did things change in 9.1 (or 9.0 if it was introduced there)?

              Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB,

    Nov 24, 2016 08:03
    1. Prachi Kalyani


      We are verifying this issue. We will get back to you soon.



      Nov 25, 2016 05:23
    1. Prachi Kalyani


      We are sorry for the delay in response.

      I have updated the topic with the current sample thread log entries.



      Jan 05, 2017 03:11