This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Submitting new entries with the Create operation type

This section describes the types of web service operations that can be used with BMC Remedy AR System.


For additional information about web services, see Using buttons and menu bar items to execute active links.

External applications can use a Create operation to submit new entries into BMC Remedy AR System.

When BMC Remedy AR System receives an incoming Create request, it performs these actions:

  • Parses the incoming XML code based on the input mapping, and generates field values.
  • Creates an entry in the base form with these field values. The new entry creation triggers the OnSubmit filters.
  • After the Create action is completely successful, obtains field values from the newly created entry.
  • Uses the output mapping to generate XML code from these field values, and sends the XML document back as a response.

The output mapping might be different from the input mapping. The input mapping has the incoming data, but the output mapping has computed data, for example the EntryId, the CreateDate, or any fields that are set by filters.

The Create operation is similar to the action of filling in a form, submitting it, and then searching for the same entry. All the rules for Submit also apply — required values must be entered, system fields cannot be submitted, and so on.

A Create operation can create only one entry in the base form. You can add it to a web service multiple times, each time specifying a unique name for the operation and a set of input and output mappings. Multiple Create operations are useful to make different operations available on the same base form to accommodate different connecting applications.

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