This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Shared workflow in a deployable application

Depending on the design, a deployable application can function as a complete application in and of itself, or a related set of deployable applications can act as modules that are part of a larger application. In either case, you might need to use shared workflow to integrate two deployable applications.

When a deployable application is used as a module in a larger application, or otherwise interacts with another deployable application, some of the workflow components that the application owns are also associated with forms owned by other deployable applications. Such workflow components are shared workflow that integrates the two application modules or applications.

For example, a filter might gather data from its primary form in one application module, and push it to another form owned by another application module. The filter is owned by the application that contains the primary form, and integrates with the application that contains the other form.

You can configure the BMC Remedy AR System server to maintain the full list of forms used by shared workflow components, even if those forms belong to other deployable applications and do not exist on the destination server. You can also set the Integration Workflow property on shared workflow components to identify a second deployable application that shares the workflow. This allows you to export only the shared workflow objects for two related deployable applications. See Exporting and importing shared workflow and integrated applications.

These features make it easier to implement concurrent development in your organization, using different development servers, and maintain full functionality when application modules are brought back together in the larger application.

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