This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Setting pagination properties

If the results of a search returns a large number of records, you can view the results in pages instead of single large list. You can set the pagination properties in BMC Remedy Developer Studio and in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier application to ensure that the results are displayed in pages.

The following topics are provided:

Setting pagination properties to view search results

To ensure that a pagination is available for the result lists, you can set the following properties in order of their precedence:

  • Max Entries Returned — If you set this value, the results list display the number of records equal to this value on one page. The remaining records are displayed in subsequent pages having number of records equal to this property value. If you have set this value, the Max Entries Returned By GetList property is not considered for pagination. Set using Definitions > Basic properties on any form in Developer Studio. For details about how to set form properties, see Setting basic form properties.
  • Max Entries Returned By GetList —  This property enables you to configure the maximum number of records returned in a page and distributes the search results into subsequent pages. The same number of records are displayed on every page. This property value is ignored if you have set the Max Entries Returned property by using the General > Server Information > Configuration tab. For more information, see Setting the general tab on the server information form. 
  • View Level Size of Chunk for Result List — This property limits records in results list on form views. If you set this value on form views, the cSet on any form view using properties. For details about this property, see Setting form view properties.
  • Limit Number of Items returned — Set using User Preferences > My User Preferences. For details about this property, see  Setting the general tab on user preference form.

The minimum value of either the View Level Size of Chunk for Result List property or the Limit Number of Items returned property is provided to the server and this minimum value is compared with the Max Entries Returned form property. The smaller value is then used to display the form results list. If you do not provide a value for the Max Entries Returned form property, the Max Entries Returned By GetList server property is used for comparison.

User Scenarios

X = Lesser value between "View Level Size of Chunk for Result List" and "Limit Number of Items returned"  

Y = Lesser value between "Max Entries Returned" and X

If "Max Entries Returned" is not provided:

Y = Lesser value between "Max Entries Returned By GetList" and X

Y is the value used for displaying records in the results list.

The following table displays the list of values set for each property and the number of records displayed in the results list:


Max Entries

(Form property)

Max Entries
By GetList

(Server property)

View Level
Size of
Chunk for Result List

(Form View property)

Limit Number
of Items returned

(User Preference

Property value
used for



If you have not provided value for any of the pagination properties, 1000 is the default value used for showing results in a results list.

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