This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Selecting a form view for the user

To provide each user with the best possible view of a form, BMC Remedy AR System server uses this order of preference to determine which form view to display:

  1. View requested by a user or by workflow. For example, a view can be specified in an Open Window active link action or a URL for the browser.
  2. Actor-based view.
    This view represents the function that a user performs in an application. For example, a user might use an application to manage, submit, or audit help desk requests. In BMC Remedy AR System server, each of those functions, manager, submitter, auditor, is called an actor. Each actor can be associated with a different view. See Configuring actor-based view selection.


    An actor is not related to access permission roles.

  3. Default view specified in the User Preference form.
    For a browser, the system selects a view according to the Prefer Standard/Windows Views option in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool.
  4. Default view specified in the form.
    After using this order of preference to select a base form view, the system selects a version of the base view appropriate for the user's locale. If no version exists for that locale, a fallback mechanism finds the closest possible locale to the one requested. The resulting view is then displayed for use.
    The following figure illustrates the BMC Remedy AR System form view selection process:

    Form view selection process
    (Click the image to expand it.)

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