This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Restrictions when logging in to a BMC Remedy AR System server

The following restrictions apply to users logging in to a BMC Remedy AR System (AR System) server:

  • Multiple IP addresses — With the exception of users who have Restricted Read licenses, nonadministrative users can access a AR System server from only one computer at a time. This restriction applies to the server, not to an application. For example, if you run the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite on an AR System server, a user accessing any form in any ITSM application on that server can do so from only one IP address.

    AR System administrators (users who have the Administrator group in their Group List on the User form) can access a server from multiple computers simultaneously.


    AR System uses a globally unique identifier (GUID) to identify the computer, so users do not need to log in again if their IP address changes during a session.

  • Wait time — After a user logs out of one computer, the user might need to wait a short time to make sure the status is cleared before using the same login name to access another computer.

  • Session takeovers — A user who is blocked from access can perform a session takeover through a message dialog box. This can be helpful if someone forgets to log out of a client at a different location. Only one session takeover is allowed every fifteen minutes for each user.

  • Matching user names — In BMC Remedy AR System 6.3, multiple users with the same user name but different passwords could log in at the same time. In BMC Remedy AR System 7.0.00 and later, multiple users with the same user name cannot log in concurrently if you use the User form for authentication. If you use external authentication, however, multiple users with the same user name can log in if they belong to the same groups. (In the cache, only one session is created, and this session is used for all users who have the same user name.)

    If you try upgrading to BMC Remedy AR System 7.0.00 or later from a 6.3 system in which you allowed multiple users to have the same user name but different passwords, the BMC Remedy AR System upgrade scripts fail and generate a message suggesting that you correct the multiple user name problem.
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