This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Report Console and related report forms

The Report Console is integrated with the reporting components that support Web reports and with other BMC Remedy AR System reporting forms. Administrators should use the Report Console to design any new reports for browser users. All users can run reports of all types from the Report Console.

The Report Console is based on the AR System Report Console form and uses other supporting forms such as the AR System Report Designer form, the Report form, and the ReportType form.

The Report Console opens when you click the AR System Report Console link in the Quick Links section of the home page, or when you click the Report button that appears with search results in a browser.

When you create or edit a report, the AR System Report Designer form opens as part of the Report Console. This form allows you to design, modify, and save reports. When you click Back on this screen, you return to the main Report Console.

Designing a report

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  • Report form — Stores the report definition and metadata about the report. Administrators use this form to manage certain report settings. See Managing reports with the Report form.
  • ReportType form — Stores the available report types. The Web and Remedy AR System report types are installed with BMC Remedy AR System. Administrators can define additional report types.


Two legacy reporting forms, ReportCreator and ReportSelection, are also installed with BMC Remedy AR System. The ReportCreator form is used to edit the BMC Remedy AR System report type. The ReportSelection form is used to display available reports in a browser. For information about creating BMC Remedy AR System type reports, see Defining BMC Remedy AR System reports.

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