This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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RApp Password form

The UDM:RAppPassword form stores a Remedy Application (RApp) Service password for a specific BMC Remedy AR System server. The AR System server installer populates this regular form during AR System server installation. The ARInput, AROutput, and CMDB steps provided by BMC use this form to make connections to the AR System server.

The BMC Remedy AR System user password is not stored as part of the AR System connection defined in a transformation for security reasons. The steps provided by BMC use an impersonation API to connect to the AR System server. These steps query this form with the server name defined in the AR Connection to get the Remedy Application Service password for that server. The steps 1) create an initial connection to the server using the Remedy Application Service user name and password (queried earlier from this form), and 2) impersonate the user named in the AR Connection definition.

By default, the installer populates this form with the current AR System server's name and Remedy Application Service password. If you must create connections using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address, enter the alternative entries in this form. For example, if you want to create remote server connections, enter information about the remote server in this form.

UDM:RAppPassword form

The form contains the following fields:

  • Server Name — The AR System server name to which a connection must be created from a transformation. You need to update the AR System server name if you are performing one of the actions listed below: 
    • Configure UDM in a server group: In a server group environment, multiple servers exist. Make sure that the RappPassword form contains all the possible sever name values that you use.This is required as the UDM:RappPassword form is used to authenticate Remedy application service password for the $server$ value that comes from the BMC Remedy Midtier. The $server$ can be host name, IP address, alias name, or a Load Balancer name. Incorrect or missing information on this form might result in load step failure.
    • In the example below, the UDM:RappPassword form contains the alias names for AR server and Load Balancer.
      • newsc-s: AR server alias name 
      • newscorp-vip: LB alias name

    • Configure UDM in a non-server environment: As a single server exists in the non-server environment, the Server Name field automatically reflects the server name.
    • Restore the database: After the data migration, you must verify and update the Server Name field if you want to perform testing before making the server as new production server. For details, see  Updating the destination server names after data migration .
  • RApp Password— The (Remedy) Application Service Password supplied during AR System server installation.


    This password is supplied on the AR System Administration: Server Information form Connection Settings tab and should remain the same for all AR system servers.

Load Balancer names

If the AR System servers are configured in an environment where a load balancer is used, the Server-Name parameter and the Server-Connect-Name parameter change.

  • The Server-Name parameter changes to the name of load balancer.
  • The Server-Connect-Name parameter changes to the name of AR System server on each server.

If 1) a load balancer server name is provided for an AR System server connection in BMC-provided Pentaho step (such as, ARInput, AROutput, or CMDB) or 2) if a load balancer is defined in the UDM:Variable form, you must populate the UDM:RAppPassword form with the load balancer server name and its password (which is the same as the Application Service Password on the other AR System server.)


If you change the application password you must also update the RApp password.

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