This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Preparing email templates after an upgrade

If you have upgraded from BMC Remedy Mail Server (release 5.1 or earlier), you might have to modify your existing templates to use the features in release 7.0.00 or later, for example, the ability to use HTML in your templates. However, there is a configuration setting that allows you to continue using email templates from release 5.1 or earlier "as is" with release 7.0.00 and later. For more information, see the "Use Original Template Format" feature in Configuring advanced incoming mailbox properties.

To use your old email templates after an upgrade to Email Engine 7.0.00 or later, use the following procedure.

To prepare email templates after an upgrade

  1. Verify the following settings in the AR System Email Mailbox Configuration form:
    • Incoming mailbox is Enabled.
    • Email Action for your incoming mailbox is set to Parse.
    • Use Original Template Format is set to Yes, if you want to use your original templates for your incoming mailbox "as is" without using the 7.0.00 and later email template features.
    • Use Supplied User Information field is set to Yes.
  2. If only one form is used for email submissions, set the Default Workflow Form to that form name.
  3. To guarantee that no other form is used for email submissions, set Force Default Workflow Form to Yes.
  4. If the original templates do not include a user name, user password, or form name, perform one of the following tasks:
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