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Planning a flashboard

This section uses an example to illustrate how you plan and create a flashboard.

Defining business needs

Jane is the manager of a small department that is responsible for resolving the company's hardware and software issues. Company employees who experience problems with their computers create tickets in BMC Remedy Mid Tier. The tickets are assigned to Mary, Pat, and Chris, who report to Jane. Chris is assigned to the department only part time. Jane wants to assign Chris to help Mary and Pat on the day that receives the highest number of tickets. The employees in her department tell her that Mondays are the highest traffic days, but she wants to be sure before she rearranges Chris' schedule.

Defining the purpose of the flashboard

Jane wants to create a flashboard that meets the following criteria:

  • Collects data for each day of the week for one week.
  • Summarizes that data per day.
  • Displays the summarized data each day of the week for one week.
  • Allows Jane and her group to view the data.

Afterwards, Jane might like to add a notification function to the flashboard so that Chris is notified if the total number of tickets on a particular day exceeds an acceptable number, so he can rearrange his schedule to respond to the extra calls.

Designing the flashboard

Jane's flashboard must display data gathered over the course of one week, so she selects a bar graph flashboard to display the historical data. She could also select a line chart or area chart, but not a pie, meter, or text flashboard because these types of flashboards cannot display historical data.

The information is gathered over a short period of time, so choosing a stacked chart is not a useful way to display the data.

For more information about choosing the best type of flashboard for your needs, see Types of flashboards.

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