This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Migrating using command-line interface

The command-line interface (CLI) is a standalone application that delivers BMC Remedy Migrator functionality without a graphical interface. You can use the command line to set migration options, migrate objects and data, compare information between migrations, and generate difference reports. In addition, you can use the CLI to compare information, including data and between migrations (which you cannot do with the graphic user interface).

The BMC Remedy Migrator CLI can be useful when performance is critical for large migrations or when making a quick comparison of objects to determine what to include in a patch release. Because the CLI does not require a lengthy caching process, you can perform migrations or comparisons of large files more quickly.

The CLI also provides Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and IT Service Management (ITSM) support. CMDB support enables application developers to supply a class name from which BMC Remedy Migrator can determine the required data and BMC Remedy AR System objects that make up that class name. The ITSM mapping document includes support for mapping to an entry ID as a foreign key, and the ability to inject data during a migration.

The CLI application, migratorcli.exe, is stored in the same directory as the main BMC Remedy Migrator product at installation.

The BMC Remedy Migrator CLI currently supports a single-thread design, but you can supply multiple instructions within a single migration. The CLI provides full support for object reservation to ensure that BMC Remedy Migrator either ignores newer or reserved objects on the destination, or blocks their update, depending on requirements.

Migrations using the CLI are executed in the same order as in the graphic user interface (GUI), using the same processes. Backups can be configured using the Configuration file. The BMC Remedy Migrator CLI can generate both Differences and Results reports; however, Results reports are the only reports generated through the CLI that can be opened in the BMC Remedy Migrator GUI.


Because the CLI does not use the Windows registry, any options you set through the GUI are ignored in the CLI.

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