This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Measuring mid tier performance with KITE scripting

KITE is a desktop application for testing the performance of web sites that is available at no charge from Keynote Systems, Inc. KITE includes features that can be used to test and measure key performance metrics of the mid tier as an RIA. KITE provides performance data and analysis tools that allow you to record and replay interactions with a web page.

Use the tools to test a particular web page by providing the URL and recording the user interaction with the web page as a script. When the script is replayed, it simulates the original interaction with the web page. The script can be tested locally from your desktop or from a number of sites on Keynote's global network.

These statistics can be analyzed as follows:

  • Transaction events log
  • Transaction performance details
  • Measurement repository

KITE script creation features are designed to meet a variety of scenarios and use cases. If a script needs fine tuning, the Script Viewer and Script Properties Editor can be used to replay the script and modify it to create a successful test script.


For information about KITE features, see the KITE online help.

The following topics provide information about KITE:

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