This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Mask options

Mask options enable you to specify object properties that are compared when generating, viewing, or printing a Differences report. If the option is enabled for an object property, it is compared in the Differences report; if disabled, the object property is not compared and appears as the same in the Differences report.


If the mask option for an object property is disabled, the detailed Differences report displays the header for that property group in green color regardless of the actual difference in the value of that property. Even though the mask option for that object property is disabled, a red X symbol is displayed against the property if its values differ, otherwise a green check mark is displayed.

If you change the options while a report is open, you can refresh the report display by pressing F5.

You can synchronize the Differences report mask settings so that they match those for migration mask settings.

To select mask options in Differences reports

  1. Select Tools > Options to display the BMC Remedy Migrator Options dialog box.
  2. Under Category, click Differences, and select any of the object types listed in the following table to display the Differences mask options.

    Options for comparing preferences for Differences reports

    Select this option

    To compare


    Form properties (Opens field and view properties.)


    Field properties


    View properties

    Active Links

    Active link properties


    Filter properties


    Escalation properties


    Application, guide, packing list, and web services properties (including application state)


    Character menu properties

    Distributed Maps

    Distributed maps properties


    BMC Remedy Migrator does not migrate DSO fields, only DSO maps.

    Plug-in modules

    Properties of plug-in modules

    Plug-in definitions

    Plug-in definitions

    Distributed Pools

    Pools (threads) pending distributed operations

    Flashboards Flashboards Data Sources Flashboards Variables Flashboards Alarms

    Flashboards, Flashboards data source, Flashboards variable, and Flashboards alarm properties (depending on whether you own and have installed the BMC Remedy Flashboards 5.0 or later)

  3. Select the object properties that you want to compare on the report.
    To change an option, click the name, and select Enabled or Disabled from the drop-down list.
  4. Click OK.
    To set the Mask options back to the BMC Remedy Migrator defaults, click Set Default. To cancel your changes, click Cancel.


    There are no separate masking options for the field property changes made in a view overlay. The masking options set for the Views > Property List are inherited by the field properties in a view overlay.

    To synchronize settings with migration mask settings, click Synchronize Migration Masks.

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