This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Importing without a mapping file

Importing without a mapping refers to running the Data Import command-line utility with no mapping definition to instruct the system how to map fields.

BMC recommends that you use AR Export (.arx ) and AR XML (.xml ) file formats when importing without a mapping file. In these file formats, field values are mapped by matching field IDs, which are both included in the file. For CSV files, field values are mapped by matching the field labels (if present in the file) to the field names (database names of the fields) retrieved from the server. When a browser exports data into a CSV file, the field labels and the field names are not necessarily the same. Only fields with names and labels that match are auto-mapped. Consequently, if CSV files do not include field labels, the field values cannot be mapped.

Without a mapping file, include the server name, form name, and data file name in the command line. Mappings are built by querying the server and the data file.

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