This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Home page components

The administrator specifies the default home page for a server by setting the Default Home Page option in the Configuration tab of the Server Information form. If a mid tier serves more than one BMC Remedy AR System server, you must also configure the mid tier to use a specific server as the home page server. See Configuring home page preferences.

Two preconfigured home page forms are installed with BMC Remedy AR System server. You can use either of these forms as a starting point when designing a home page:

  • AR System Customizable Home Page — This display-only form works together with the AR System Home Page Layout and AR System Home Page Descriptor forms. The customizable home page is customizable by users, within constraints defined by the administrator. The administrator defines the default layout and the form views that appear at login according to the user's group permissions. You can define different default home pages for different groups. See BMC Remedy AR System server customizable Home Page.
  • Home Page — The traditional BMC Remedy AR System server home page. Entry points appear as links, or you can configure the Application List field to look like a navigation bar with entry points appearing as flyout menu items.

The following figure illustrates a sample customizable home page. It contains an Application List field with multiple entry points. One of the customizable panels is shown, containing a view of the User form. Up to four panels can appear by default. The user can minimize each panel, delete it, or select another form to appear in the panel from a list of available views. Each user can save one customized home page, and can return to the default home page if necessary.

The Application List field is collapsible, and is formatted to look like a vertical navigation bar. Entry points appear as flyout menu items, as shown in the following figure.

Example AR System Customizable Home Page with application list
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Sample AR System Customizable Home Page with entry points in flyout menu
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The following figure illustrates the traditional Home Page form containing multiple entry points and fixed form contents.

Example Home Page form with application list
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The home page forms contain the following components:

  • System-generated heading — Shows the home page banner heading, page title and the name of the user logged in to BMC Remedy AR System.
  • Application list field, which includes of the following items:
    • Application heading — When you create a deployable application and include any forms with entry points, the application name appears as the heading in the home page by default. If you add a label to your application, the label appears as its heading.
    • Entry points — In the properties for a form, you can specify an entry point that opens the form in New or Search mode. Entry points for forms that are not part of a deployable application appear in the Quick Links section. These entry points are defined at the form level or active link guide level in the Developer Studio. For more information, see Entry points.
    • Entry point guides — When you create an active link guide, you can specify an entry point that opens the guide. In this case, the guide functions exclusively as an entry point.

      Make the labels for entry points task-specific and easily identifiable, for example, Generate a New Request or New Employee Setup. The following table outlines where labels for each item in the application list are derived from.

      Labels in an application list

      Label on application list Where the label is derived from
      Application's heading The label of the application (deployable applications only)
      Form entry points

      The following form view properties in the Properties tab:

      • Entry Point, New Mode
      • Entry Point, Search Mode
      Entry point guides The label of the active link guide.
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