This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Functions in RTF editor

This topic describes the functions in the RTF editor, available with BMC Remedy Mid Tier version 9.1.03 and later.

The following table provides the details of the functions that you can perform in the RTF editor:

List of functions available in RTF editor

FunctionDescriptionType of editor
Sets paragraph formatting style. Such as, headings, address.Pop-up editor
Selects the font type and point size from the list.Inline editor and Pop-up editor
Selects the text color and text background from the list.Inline editor and Pop-up editor
Makes the selected text bold, italicized, underlined, or strikethrough.Inline editor and Pop-up editor
Makes the selected text subscript, superscript, and clears formatting.Pop-up editor
Finds and replaces text. Pop-up editor
Increases or decreases the selected text's distance from the left margin.Pop-up editor
Sets the paragraph so that it aligns evenly on the left, center, right, and justifies the text.Pop-up editor
Creates an ordered or an unordered list.Pop-up editor
Inserts a link to any URL, to a bookmark or to an email. The unlink icon removes the created link. For more information, see Adding and removing a link.Pop-up editor
Creates a bookmark in a document that is referred through a URL. For more information, see Creating a bookmark.Pop-up editor
Inserts an image into the RTF field. For more information, see Adding an image.Pop-up editor
Inserts a table into the RTF field. For more information, see Adding a table.Inline editor and Pop-up editor
Adds an expandable section to provide additional information.Pop-up editor
Adds special formatting features, such as a horizontal rule, smiley, and special characters.Pop-up editor
Removes, copies, and pastes selected text to and from the clipboard.Pop-up editor
Removes the last 30 changes made in the RTF editor or reverses the undo action.Pop-up editor

You can perform following actions with the Link icon.

Link to a web page
  1. Click the link icon.
  2. In the Link dialog box, select URL from Link Type.
  3. In the URL field type the URL of the web page.
  4. Click OK.
Link to a Bookmark
  1. Click the link icon.
  2. Select Link to bookmark in text from the Link Type in the Link dialog box.
  3. Select the existing bookmark name from the By Bookmark Name.
  4. Click OK.
Link to an Email message
  1. Click the link icon.
  2. In the Link dialog box, select E-mail from the Link Type.
  3. Enter details such as, E-mail Address, Message Subject, and Message Body.
  4. Click OK.

Click the Unlink  icon to remove the links.

Creating a bookmark

Click the bookmark  icon to create a bookmark. 

  1. Select the text in the pop-up editor for which you want to create a bookmark.
  2. Click the bookmark  icon.
  3. In the Bookmark Properties dialog provide a name for the bookmark.

  4. Click OK.

The following screenshot illustrates the bookmarked text displayed in blue color with a blue dashed border.

You can edit the bookmark name and can remove the bookmark by right clicking it. You can also create a link to the bookmark. For more information, see Adding link to a bookmark.

Adding an image

Click the Image  icon to add an image to a character field. The image is accessible through a URL.

  1. Specify the URL to access the image. 
    You can also define alternative text for the image.
  2. (Optional) Set the options for height, width, border, Hspace, Vspace, and alignment.
  3. Click OK.


You can preview the image in the Preview pane before adding it to the field.

Adding a table

You can use the Table  icon to insert a table in an RTF field or to modify the properties of a selected table. The Table Properties dialog box allows you to design a table with advanced options.

In the RTF editor, when you right-click the table, you can perform following operations:

  • Paste contents in the table.
  • Insert cells, rows, and columns (before or after).
  • Merge cells (right or  down).
  • Split cells (horizontal and vertical).
  • Set cells properties.
  • Set table properties.
  • Delete cells, rows, and columns.
  • Edit and remove division.
  • Delete the table.

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