This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Form to store additional information about requests

The approval server uses the AP:Question-Comment-Info form internally to store additional information that requestors and approvers provide about requests.

The following table describes the data stored in this form and the source of that data.

Records in the AP:Question-Comment-Info form

Record type

Source field


Stores text from the Question field on AP:Show-Detail or AP:More Information.


Stores text from the Summary field on AP:Show-Detail or the Comment field (if added) on the application form. If you add an activity log entry of the Justification type on AP:Show-Detail, text from the Summary field is also stored here. Attachments associated with comments are stored in the attachments table adjacent to this field.


Stores text from the Justification For Action field on AP:Show-Detail or Approval Central. If the Justification For Action field and its appropriate workflow is added to the application form or the three-way join form, the corresponding text is stored here.

This form also stores the text from the following sources:



AP:More Information



  • Response
  • Notes

Application form

Notes (if added with the appropriate workflow)

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