This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Form to set local-specific labels and tooltip labels

The AP:DynamicLabels form enables you to set locale-specific labels for four fields on the AP:Show-Detail form, and the tooltip labels for the fields on the AP:Form — Tooltip Configuration tab.

AP:DynamicLabels form
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Fields on the AP:DynamicLabels form

Field Description
Application Select an application name.
Process Select the process for which you want to customize the field labels.
Locale Select a locale from the menu.
Labels for Request Details:

Label for 14508

Label for 14509

Label for 14510

Label for 14511

Provide labels for the fields 14508, 14509, 14510, and 14511, and click Save. For information about where these labels appear, see Form to attach approval request forms to approval server.

The default labels for these fields are GL Account, Cost Center, Total Cost, and Phase, respectively.

Labels for ToolTip:

Label for 14711

Label for 14712

Label for 14713

Label for 14714

Label for 14715

Label for 14716

Label for 14717

Label for 14718

Label for 14719

Label for 14720

Provide labels for the fields 14711, 14712, 14713, 14714, 14715, 14716, 14717, 14718, 14719, and 14720, and click Save. For information about where these labels appear, see AP-Form form.

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