This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Form to preview all approvers assigned to work on an approval request

The approval server uses the AP:PreviewInfo form to store preview data when a process is configured to generate previews. Process administrators can use this form to preview all the approvers assigned to work on an approval request.

You must enter data into all the visible fields to search the AP:PreviewInfo form. See Configuring Approval Server to work with flowcharts.

AP:PreviewInfo form

Fields on the AP:PreviewInfo form



Request/Ticket Number

The request ID that you want previewed.

Single/Multi Process

Select the appropriate value to indicate whether you want to generate a single process or multi-process preview.

Retrieval Type

Users have an option of specifying a value as a qualification for the query being made.

    • Full — Returns list of all completed signatures (from the AP:Signature form), and all previews from the preview form.
    • Remaining — Returns list of only the preview signatures (those that are not yet opened and entered in the AP:Signature form).
    • Complete — Returns list of only the signatures that have already been completed, that is, those that already exist on the AP:Signatures form, and are still open (Pending/More Info). You can query the AP:Signature form for this information as well, but form displays such data in a better format.

Show for Process

Select the process related to the request.

Application Form Name

Select the application form name related to the request.

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