This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Features of a deployable application

A deployable application includes these features:

  • A deployable application automatically "owns" or "controls" all forms that are in the application, as well as any workflow that has one of the included forms as its primary form. A form can be in only one deployable application, but workflow can be used to integrate two deployable applications.
  • All the components of the application, including forms, workflow objects, roles, data, and other information owned by the application, are automatically exported together from the development server and imported together to a test or production server.
  • Access control in a deployable application is determined by roles and implicit groups. Roles are mapped to explicit groups, and the roles travel with the application. You can therefore assign permissions to roles at development time, and then map the roles to groups specific to the local server when the application is deployed.
  • Access to the application is further determined by the application state, which can be set to maintenance, test, production, or a custom value. You define different access control roles and groups for the development (maintenance), testing, and production phases.
  • You can set default permissions for the application. Once defined, default permissions are assigned to objects and fields as you create them in the application.
  • A deployable application can own data, and the data can be exported and imported along with the application definitions.
  • A deployable application can have access points. An access point is an indication to other developers to show which forms and active link guides in your application are designed to be used as integration points with the application.
  • A deployable application can be licensed. You might use application licensing together with object locking, which prevents objects from being modified in BMC Remedy Developer Studio. For more information, see 2019-09-13_02-34-37_Locking objects and Making applications licensable for integration system vendors.
  • A deployable application can be configured to track server statistics within the application only. You can collect performance information such as how many times an application is accessed in a given period of time. You can collect similar statistics on individual forms.
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