This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Exit Guide action

Use the Exit Guide action in:

  • Active links
  • Filters

The Exit Guide action terminates the current guide and, optionally, all of its calling guides. Both active link and filter guides exit by default when they reach they have executed all the active links or filters contained in the guide. However, you use the Exit Guide action to terminate the guide under a specific circumstance.

For example, in a guide with two or more mutually exclusive workflow paths, use the Exit Guide action to end the guide at the end of each possible path.

For more information about active link guides and filter guides, see Creating and managing fields.

To define an Exit Guide active link or filter action

  1. Right-click the If Action or the Else Action panel header.
  2. Select Add Action > Exit Guide.
  3. Select or clear the Close All Guides on Exit check box. If this check box is:
    • Selected — All running guides exit when the active link or filter is executed.
    • Cleared — Only the current guide exits when the active link or filter is executed. (Default)
  4. Save the active link or filter.
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