This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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An escalation causes a condition to be checked on a regular basis and, depending on whether and how the condition is met, performs one or more actions. For example, an escalation can set the priority of a request to Urgent if the request is not closed within 24 hours, or send a page to a support staff member if a critical request has not been addressed in one hour.

Escalations execute on the BMC Remedy AR System server and run with administrator permissions. Unlike filters, which run in response to a specific operation, escalations run at a specific time or after a defined time interval. Also, when they run, escalations find and act on all requests that meet a qualification, while filters act on the current request if it meets a qualification.

At the time specified in the escalation, BMC Remedy AR System server searches for requests that match the escalation qualification and performs the specified escalation actions on those requests that match.

Escalations can be assigned to pools so the escalations from each pool run in parallel on separate threads within the escalation queue. To use escalation pools, you must first configure multiple threads for the escalation queue as described in Configuring private queue threads . If you assign an escalation to a pool that has no thread configured, the escalation is run by the first thread.

Best Practice

When multiple escalations are assigned to the default escalation pool, performance issues might occur and because of this, an escalation runs unexpectedly.

To avoid this situation, we recommend that you create a dedicated pool of escalations and assign escalations to a different pool. For more information about creating escalation see, Creating escalations.

All escalations in a particular pool run on the same thread, so the execution of escalations within a pool is serialized. Escalations run in the order of their firing times, but an escalation is delayed if an escalation from the same pool is currently running. If two or more escalations have dependencies and must not run at the same time, put them into the same pool to make sure they run in sequence.

BMC Remedy AR System does not support escalations if you have read-only database. For more information on using read-only database, see Using read-only database.

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