This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Error messages 9401 to 9699

9401 Error

The module class <class> for the module <module> from server <serverName> made an illegal access and cannot be instantiated.

The entry class was accessed incorrectly.

9402 Error

The server <serverName> is not localized or not contactable.

The localized version of a given string is unavailable, or the string is not localized.

9403 Error

The module <module> from the server <serverName> does not have the privileges to perform the call.

The administrator login option was not selected when module information was created in the Data Visualization Module form, but the module requested the administrator anyway.

9421 ErrorUnable to reach Mid-Tier. If you are on SSO, please re-login to SSO service.
9422 ErrorYou have exceeded the maximum allowable number of saved searches for this form. You need to delete number searches using Manage My Searches dialog before you can save new search.
9423 ErrorCross Site Scripting not allowed.
9424 ErrorRequired field (without a default) not specified.
9425 ErrorThe administrator has set access for administrator users only. Please retry your operation later.
9426 ErrorBIRT report plug-in generated an internal error. Please contact your administrator.
9500 Warning

Nothing got deployed since the deployed Application is up-to-date. Nothing is updated.

Nothing was changed, so nothing was deployed.

9501 Warning

The starting active link <activeLinkName> is missing from the Entry Point Guide on server <serverName>.

The Entry Point Guide has no starting active link. Contact your BMC Remedy AR System administrator.

9502 Warning

The form contains no fields: <formName>.

The form contains no fields.

9503 Warning

Every view that needs to be deployed should have an alias.

All forms and views must have an alias name specified to be deployed on the Web.

9504 NoteRequest <requestID> was successfully created.
9505 WarningAR Server is Not Reachable.
9506 Error
Unable to display form.

BMC Remedy Mid Tier is unable to display the forms due to one of the following reasons:
1. Due to high browser loading time. Workaround: Clear the browser cache and reload the form.
2. Accessing BMC Remedy Mid Tier through an unsupported browser version, such as Internet Explorer 6. Workaround: Use a browser supported by BMC Remedy Mid Tier
3. The .html (or .js) file's gzip encryption was truncated because of some LAN or WAN optimization tool, such as Riverbed. Workaround: Disable the BMC Remedy mid tier URL in the optimization tool.
Note: If these workarounds do not work, use Fiddler (a free tool from Microsoft and available at to see more details about mid tier's response.

9508 Warning

Central Mid-Tier Server is not using https protocol.

Use HTTPS protocol to connect to the current mid tier server and Web Path of the remote server

9509 Warning

Remote Mid-Tier Server is not using https protocol.

Use HTTPS protocol to connect the current mid tier server.

9510 Warning

Central Mid-Tier Server and Remote Mid-Tier Server is not using https protocol.

Use HTTPS protocol for the Web Path of the remote server.

9511 Error

You appear to be running a browser that is not supported by the AR System. Please refer to the AR System compatibility matrix for information about which browsers are supported.

See Compatibility matrix in the BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment online documentation.



Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token in the response.

This error occurs when response from the AR System server is received with invalid structure or contents.

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