This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Entry points

Entry points make access to tasks easier to control and maintain . Application designers and administrators must work together to manage the links that appear on the home page.

Application designers are responsible for:

  • Designing the application.
  • Defining the entry points used to interact with the application.
  • Setting the correct permissions within the application so that the appropriate users see the appropriate entry points.
  • Performing localization tasks, if any.

Application designers do not need to have knowledge of the actual home page form where the entry points will appear.

Administrators are responsible for:

  • Installing the application.
  • Configuring the server and mid tier to use the correct home page form.
  • (Optional) Designing the home page form. Depending on which form is designated as the default home page for the server, this can include:
    • Defining layouts for the AR System Customizable Home Page.
    • Modifying the Home Page form
    • Creating a separate form to use as the home page.
  • (Optional) Changing the Home Page settings in the mid tier Configuration Tool or the Configuration tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form to specify the server and form for the home page.
  • (Optional) Specifying a home page form for each user in the User Preferences form.


You do not need to make entry points for every starting point, only for those most frequently used . If you have a large number of entry points (for example, over 30), consider using the subset mechanism (see Viewing a subset of entry points) to limit the number of entry points displayed.

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