This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Displaying the password field in the detail view

When you configure a process to require approver passwords, the Approve and Reject buttons on Approval Central automatically open a password dialog box that prompts the user to enter the correct password when acting on the request. However, if the approver clicks View on Approval Central to view the request details, by default the password field does not appear in the detail view.

The detail view displays the three-way join form for your application. To allow approvers to enter a password in this view, you must make the Password field (field ID 102) visible on the three-way join form. This field comes from the AP:Signature form and is present in the join form, but it is hidden by default.

If your application has only one approval process, or if all the processes in the application require a password, simply position the Password field on the three-way join form, and make the field visible by clearing the Hidden characteristic.

If your application contains more than one process but not all processes require a password, you can cause the Password field to appear on the three-way join form only when necessary. The Lunch Scheduler sample application contains an example of this functionality, which you can copy to your application.

In the Lunch Scheduler three-way join form (AP-Sample:Lunch-Detail-Signatu), two active links run when the form is displayed. The first active link checks whether the current process requires a password, and sets the result in a temporary field. The second active link tests the value of the temporary field and makes the password field visible on the three-way join form.

The following procedure shows how to make the password field visible on the three-way join form for your application when the process requires it.

To display the Password field dynamically

  1. Use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to position the Password field (ID 102) in an obvious location on your three-way join form.
  2. Copy and save the following active links with new names appropriate to your application (use File > Save Active Link As):
    • AP-Sample:ShowPwdIfRequired1
    • AP-Sample:ShowPwdIfRequired2
  3. In the Form Name field for each active link, select the three-way join form and clear the sample application form.
  4. Save the changes.
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