This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Differences reports

Differences reports compare objects between source and destination. You can identify object differences and migrate all differences, or only specified differences. You can use differences reports to compare objects between two servers, between a server and a .migrator file, or between two .migrator files. The Differences report provides the following report views:

You can switch between the views by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the report.

Comparison view

By default, the Comparison view appears when you create a Differences report. The Comparison view provides the following information:

  • Main settings — The names of the source and destination file or servers
  • Created on — The date and time the report was created
  • Total results — For the items being compared, the number of objects that are the same, the number of objects with differences, the number of missing objects, and the total number of objects being compared.

The remainder of the report provides details about each type of object (for example, regular forms, vendor forms, or menus). For each object, the report specifies:

  • Name of the destination object
  • Results (either the same as the destination or different)
  • Action required — What needs to be done to resolve the differences
  • Source timestamp and destination timestamp — The time stamps for the source and destination
  • Destination modified status — Whether the destination is newer or the same.


When comparing application objects that contain different workflow objects, the Differences report does not show differences among those applications. This is because applications do not actually contain objects in them; they only contain references to those objects. Applications are standalone objects similar to other BMC Remedy AR System objects.

Differences Report — comparison view

Object Details view

The Object Details view lists the details of each object being compared. For objects that have changed, the name of the user who made the change, and the date and time of the change, are displayed.

Any change in value of an object property in a view overlay is listed in the Object Details view of the differences report. The Changed Field List is displayed in the Property List section of the differences report.

For the fields that were added to the view by using the Add Field To View Overlay menu option, the differences report lists the field IDs with their changed property values. If a property is added to a single view, the field ID is listed in the Common display properties for View. If the field was added to multiple views, the Common display properties for View lists all the changed fields for each view.

Information for the source appears on the left; information for the destination appears on the right.

You can change the color settings for the Differences report. See Differences color options.

Differences report — Object Details view


  • BMC Remedy AR System and BMC Remedy Migrator use field IDs, not field names, to determine differences between source and destination environments. For example, if the source form has a field name of Field_ABC, and the destination form has a field name of Field_XYZ, with the same field ID, BMC Remedy Migrator replaces instances of the form Field_XYZ with Field_ABC on the destination server.
  • For objects with a lock type of Hidden, the object details are not displayed.

You can view object differences before and after a migration to make sure you migrate all the objects correctly. You can also migrate from the report view, and save or print the report.

For information about creating, using, and customizing Differences reports, see:

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