This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Difference between processes and rules

Understanding the difference between an approval process and the rules it uses is critical to implementing a business process with approval server.

  • An approval process defines the routing of any item that requires signatures. An approval process can consist of many operations, transitions, and decision points, each contributing toward a defined destination. The approval process ensures that all the necessary steps take place to implement a business operation that requires signatures or approvals, such as approving new hires or signing purchase orders. In each case, the overall process is the same each time it is performed.
    For more information about approval processes, see Approval process types.
  • Approval rules augment the standard behavior of the approval server, and govern how an approval request is handled at various stages of the approval process. You use rules to retrieve and save approval data and to make decisions during the process, such as who the next approver is, whether more signatures are needed, and whether the routing process is complete.
    For more information about approval rules, see Approval rules.
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