This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Defining Validate Approver rules

A Validate Approver rule enables you to verify approver names when they are manually entered on an approval request. This applies to either an Ad Hoc process type or an ad hoc override.

This rule validates the approver name at the time of entry by searching for a match to the entered name on a specified form, for example, a signature authority form such as AP-Sample:Signature Authority in the sample application.

You can define any number of Validate Approver rules. This allows you to search more than one form to validate an approver name. This topic includes the following information:


Approver names in Validate Approver rules are case sensitive. Make sure approver names are entered correctly by providing a menu of names for requesters to select from. See Working with menus.

To define a Validate Approver rule

  1. Follow the procedure in Using the Basic tab on the Rule Definition formto complete the basic information about the rule.
    • Select Validate Approver from the Rule Type list.
    • The Run If condition is optional. Use this field to define a conditional statement to control whether the rule runs.
  2. Click the Set Fields tab.
  3. In the Set Fields Type field, select the appropriate action type. See Using the Set Fields tab on the Rule Definition form.
  4. For a query, select a form name from the From Form menu.
    This value indicates in which form to search for the query.
  5. In the On Server field, select the server where the form is located.
    • Current — The form exists on the current server.
    • Alternate — The form exists on another server. Enter the remote server name in the Server field.
  6. Depending on the action type, enter the qualification statement or command line in the Qualification area.
  7. In the Fields Data area, enter the name of the field or fields to receive the data in the Field Name column, and a value statement or the name of each source form field in the Value column.
  8. Click Save.

Example of a Validate Approver rule

The following figure illustrates an example of a Validate Approver rule from the Get Agreement sample application. On the Set Fields tab, the qualification condition causes the rule to search the Login Name field of the User form to find a match for a name entered in the approver field ($Approver$) of the approval request form (AP-Sample2:Get Agreement).

Example of a Validate Approver rule

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