This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Debugging options for the BMC Remedy Email Engine

The file that is used by the BMC Remedy Email Engine to read the debugging parameters is found in the AREmail directory. For specific issues, see Troubleshooting Remedy Email Engine and its subtopics.


Ensure that you do not edit the file to change the configuration settings for BMC Remedy Email Engine.

To change the configuration settings for BMC Remedy Email Engine use the AR System Configuration Generic UI form. For more information, see  Updating configuration settings by using the AR System Configuration Generic UI form. 

The following options are available:

Debugging options for the BMC Remedy Email Engine

Main Application Level com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.level = INFO

Level for the entire BMC Remedy Email Engine. This setting for the main application level includes the modules unless you specify otherwise. If a level for one of the outputs is lower than this setting, then this level overrides that level for the given output. In this example, because this level is INFO, the level for the file handler will be ignored and also set to INFO. If the main application level is SEVERE, then only module logs with a level of SEVERE are allowed. You can override this behavior by adding one of these module levels, then specifying that level as FINER, FINE, INFO, or WARNING. This level will be used for all logs originating from that particular module and only that module. If you add more than one module level, then logs for more than one module will be allowed, and you can set the levels for the different modules independently.

Default value – SEVERE

For more information, see Setting log files options and BMC Remedy Email Engine logs


Enables users to specify the log file path.


Once the user specifies a file path, email engine logs that user defined file only when it connects to AR server. if any error occurred before connecting to  Centralized configuration form then logs will be stored into default log file path.

Default value – $INSTALL_PATH$/AREmail/Logs/email.log


Specifies the maximum size of the log file in bytes. If the file size exceeds this limit, a new file is created.

Default value – Unlimited

Module Levels com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.moduleName.level

  • ConfigurationModule.level = FINER
  • CreatorModule.level = FINER
  • ExecutionModule.level = FINER
  • ReceiverModule.level = FINER
  • SenderModule.level = FINER
  • MonitorModule.level = FINER

Levels for application modules. You can specify the logging levels for the various modules independently from the entire BMC Remedy Email Engine logging level, for only the modules you are interested in troubleshooting. These application modules allow you to combine main application and module logging. For example, if the main application level is set to INFO and you set the level for the Receiver Module to FINER, then you will see only FINER information in the log for the Receiver module. If there is no entry in the Central Configuration for a particular module, then the system defaults to the application level (that is, INFO). Note that BMC supports file too.


Application Levels com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.ARSystemHandler.level = WARNINGLevel for the outputs to the BMC Remedy Email Error form. You cannot disable this handler. This level could also be overridden if the application level defined previously is higher.

 You can change the logging levels of the email engine debugging options at runtime by using the following command:

java -jar EmailAdminAgent.jar setLog <debuggingOption> <loggingLevel>


Make sure you do not include .level in the debuggingOption when using it in this command.

com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.<debuggingOption>.level = FINEST

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